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Heidinger is a science fiction/ fantasy comic book created by Kal Mebane about Jenda, a Hadlarian sky knight cursed with “The Mark,” who was orphaned as a child when her village was mysteriously annihilated. As she returns to her place of birth to find it assaulted once more, she uncovers a dark legend that ties into her village’s slaughter.

Now she must choose between her knightly duties and her personal vengeance to find the ones responsible for the death of her people. Aided by a handful of allies, she will brave the perilous world of Syte and the unknown forces within, by hunting down the legend known only as… the Heidinger.

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Hsk copy

Hadlarian sky knight logo.

The Hadlarian sky knights are an elite female team of dragon-riding knights used exclusively by the kingdom of Hadlar. Although dragon riders are used in militaries across Syte, sky knights differ in that they are bonded to their dragons through a special process that gives the knight the unique abilities of their dragon. READ MORE >

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Jenda of Heidinger.