Jenda is the main character of Heidinger and second in command of the Hadlarian sky knights. She is most often characterized by her red leather jacket and "hieroglyphic" scar on her left cheek.



Jenda is most commonly depicted wearing a red coat and boots. The coat is leather featuring a distinctive fur collar with brown trim and gold shoulder pads. The lower skirt section of the coat can be removed and used as a carry bag with the remaining top to be worn as a jacket. Intricate embroidery wraps around the chest and back midsection of the jacket. Gold armbands adorn the bicep area of the sleeves with brown adjustment straps around the sleeves’ wrists.

Under her coat is most commonly worn a red sleeveless crop top and red short skirt. Jenda also wears a brown leather baldric to carry and conceal her sword under her coat.

Jenda’s boots, like her coat, are red leather with brown trim. They are worn calf high with folded down cuffs and have gold tipped toes. Worn on her left boot, around her ankle, is a knife holster equipped with a throwing dagger.

Her other accessories include gold wristlets and gold hoop earrings.

Jenda’s hair is dark brown and pulled back into a ponytail with a gold or red clasp. Her eyes are now red, post dragon bonding, but were hazel before the process. Her eyes glow red when angered or preparing to use her elemental powers.

Jenda’s most identifying trait is the circular hieroglyph branded on her left cheek.





A big inspiration to Jenda’s character design was actress Lynn Collins[1].[citation needed]



Full Name Jenda di Phoso
Ability Fire
Personal Status
Age 27
Race Human
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Weight 135 lbs.
Hair Dark Brown
Eye Red
Misc Scar on left cheek
Family & Relationships
Hometown Phoso
Affiliation Hadlar
Occupation Sky Knight